Saturday, 29 December 2012

Join the campaign against the Silvertown Tunnel

The Kidbrooke Kite is launching a campaign alongside Darryl at 853 against plans by Boris Johnson and Greenwich Council to build a new road tunnel between the peninsula and Silvertown.

We believe that these plans would encourage more traffic into the area and increase dangerous vehicle emissions.

Pollution on the approach roads to the Blackwall Tunnel is already breaking government targets, and the two lane section of the A2/A102 at Kidbrooke already struggles to cope with current traffic.

Building what would effectively be a third Blackwall Tunnel might reduce congestion at the crossing in the short term.

But it would also increase tailbacks on the approach roads to that crossing, especially at the narrow section by Kidbrooke.

A lot of work is going into making Kidbrooke a new "village" in London, with outdoor spaces and schools still being created.

The station is being upgraded and the council has previously backed proposals to extend other forms of public transport to the area.

It seems madness to undermine all of that with plans that would simply increase car use and air pollution in the area.

The Silvertown Tunnel has an estimated cost of £600 million. 

The cost to Kidbrooke and the wider borough could be much greater.

Follow the campaign on Twitter @nosilvertowntnl

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