Friday, 23 March 2012

Ferrier Library to be demolished in September

Ferrier Library will be demolished in September and all of it's staff and books will be transferred to existing libraries in the borough, Greenwich Council have admitted.

Demolition work on the block containing the Ferrier library, doctors surgery and chemist will commence at the end of the summer.

The council has drawn up no plans to replace the library.

The admission came after this blog submitted a Freedom of Information request and after our repeated inquiries about the fate of Kidbrooke's only library were ignored.

Council leader Chris Roberts had previously told residents that "there will be no cuts to our library service in Greenwich" and that "all our libraries will remain open."

Just last month the council's newspaper claimed that "all libraries in Greenwich will be kept open."

Ferrier library staff had expected that they would have to close last year but have been awarded repeated "stays of execution" by Greenwich council.

The council have still not published an exact date when Kidbrooke residents will no longer be able to use our library.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chain restaurant hell at Greenwich Pier

There's nothing that says "Welcome to Royal Greenwich, World Heritage Site" quite like a giant gold Frankie and Benny's chain restaurant.

Plonked in between the Royal Naval College, the newly-restored Cutty Sark, and the Greewich Pier it's hard to think of a worse place the council could have allowed this.

Spot the iconic structure
The pictures I took don't quite do justice to how out of place these building are, especially when compared to the excellent neighbouring Greenwich visitor centre and cafe/bar. [better angle here]

Frank Dowling and the Inc Group monopolise much of the rest of the town and we could really have done with some good new independent restaurants here.

Unfortunately we won't get them.

Soon Frankie and Bennys will be joined on the pier by the fourth Nandos in the borough and (just what Greenwich needs) yet another overpriced burger chain.

Of course there's nothing wrong with these kinds of restaurants if they're in the right places, say a retail park or an out of town shopping centre.

I'm just not convinced that the middle of a world heritage site is one of those right places.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Riot police storm crowd in Kidbrooke

There were violent scenes in Tuffet Way recently as riot police stormed an angry crowd early one morning. The Kidbrooke Kite managed to take these exclusive pictures:

Actually Tuffet Way doesn't exist, nor does that white picket fence shown above. It's all just a set up for a new Guardian advert that was partly filmed in Hither Farm Road.

The Royal Naval College in Greenwich also features. You can watch the whole thing below:

*Boring disclaimer: Yes I have done some work for the Guardian in the past, but no they did not pay or otherwise encourage me to post this.