Friday, 13 January 2012

TfL block new pedestrian crossings on Kidbrooke Park Road

Transport for London are trying to block plans for new pedestrian crossings on Kidbrooke Park Road because they would slow traffic.

The two new "staggered" crossings would cross Kidbrooke Road at it's northern end where the road currently divides the development in two.

But the crossings, which are described as a "fundamental" part of plans for Kidbrooke Village go against the Mayor's policy of "smoothing the traffic flow."

TfL are currently in the process of removing pedestrian crossings in other parts of London, and have told Greenwich Council that:

"given the current policies on ‘smoothing traffic flow’, further justification is required for the installation of any new signals on the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN)."
adding that:

"the proposed crossing arrangement remains something that TfL is unable to support at present"

Links between the two halves of the Ferrier Estate and the wider area have always been bad, a fact that contributed to the sense of isolation many on the estate felt.

Developers have sought to fix this problem with the new estate but are running up against resistance from Transport for London.

In order to appease their objections, they are now proposing a widening of Kidbrooke Park Road.

According to Greenwich Council:

"It is the intention that traffic will be regularly stopped by the pedestrians crossing. Due to the intentional creation of this conflict for road space, the junctions require additional traffic lanes (where vehicles first move away from a stationary start) in order to achieve satisfactory levels of operation required by TfL."

Developers would also raise the Village Centre up to the level of Kidbrooke Park Road, which currently runs on a kind of ridge above much of the development.

However, without the new crossings, Kidbrooke Park Road will continue to be a formidable divide running through the centre of the community.

So what do you think? Should the new crossings be allowed or should motorists continue to take priority on Kidbrooke Park Road?

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