Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Southeastern accused of "rip-off" parking at Kidbrooke Station

Southeastern have been accused of a rip-off after they hiked parking charges at Kidbrooke Station by almost 30%.

From today one-day parking tickets will rise from £3.50 to £4.50.

Off-peak tickets will rise 40% to £3.50, whilst the cost of a yearly season ticket will rise to £637

Trade union TSSA today accused Southeastern of bringing in a "backdoor" fare increase on top of six percent rises in rail fares.

General secretary Manuel Cortes said today:

"Car parking increases of almost 30% simply cannot be justified when inflation is 5% and wages are only rising by 2%. They are squeezing the squeezed middle until the pips squeak."

I would have contacted Southeastern for a comment about their rises but unfortunately "Southeastern doesn't respond to blogs etc".

However, a spokesperson for the firm told LBC that: 

"A small number [of car park prices] have gone up but none more than 50p a day," 

This is categorically untrue as these screengrabs of the old and new prices at Kidbrooke shows:

Kidbrooke Station parking charges 2011

Kidbrooke Station parking charges 2012

It's one thing to raise the cost of parking by 30% in just one year. It's another thing to then lie about it.

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