Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Kidbrooke "village" rises to 15 storeys

Berkeley Homes have been accused of repeating the mistakes of the Ferrier Estate, after they raised the height of towers in Kidbrooke's new 'village centre' to 15 storeys, six storeys higher than originally planned.

The high rise towers will be three storeys higher than the supposedly inappropriate 12-storey towers they are replacing.

The total number of properties has also risen dramatically to 4800, which is 400 more than was originally agreed and almost 3000 more than was in the original Ferrier Estate.

The proposals have been objected to by local amenity groups with one local resident telling the council:

"The increase in the maximum height of the development from 9 to 15 storeys and increasing the number of residential units... represents a major departure from the agreed masterplan. These substantial changes vastly increase the height and density of the development and will have a detrimental social impact. This is a clear case of seeking to overdevelop the site and repeat the errors enshrined in the previous development."

The height of buildings outside of the 'village' hub has also been increased in order to squeeze in an extra 400 properties. 

The original plan only envisaged buildings of up to 3-storeys on the fringes of the estate.

Despite these objections from locals, Berkeley Homes and Greenwich Council are pushing ahead with their plans stating that "It is considered that the height of the proposal is acceptable for this site."

So what do you think? 

Are these high rises suitable in what is essentially a suburban location? Will they spoil or improve the local skyline? And will they contribute to the new 'villagey' atmosphere we've heard so much about?

Please let us know in the comments or by email.

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