Thursday, 26 January 2012

Greenwich Council refuses to say when Ferrier Library will close

Greenwich Council have refused to say when the Ferrier Library will close down, despite demolition teams working metres away.

Staff say they have not been told when they will have to move out and Greenwich Council have also refused to tell Kidbrooke Kite the date.

It had been expected that the library would close before Christmas but staff have repeatedly been given "stays of execution" by the council.

They have also not been told of any plans for new library facilities in Kidbrooke Village, if indeed any such plans exist.

This week we asked the council if they did have any plans to replace the library facilities that they are demolishing. Again, we didn't get a reply.

Last year the council boasted that "There will be no cuts to the library service in Greenwich" with leader Chris Roberts telling the public that "all our libraries will remain open."

They later admitted that this wasn't true but said that it didn't matter because Kidbrooke's only library was "a bloody awful place."

So "bloody awful" in fact that they can't even be bothered to say when it will be demolished.

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