Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Feelings run high at scene of Stephen Lawrence's murder

I arrived at the scene to the sight of press photographers, bored looking police officers and a satellite truck:

These have become grimly familiar sights here on Well Hall Road ever since Stephen Lawrence was murdered 18 years ago, and they gathered there today for what may now thankfully be the last time.

I got out my camera to take some pictures but no sooner was it out, but an old slightly unhinged looking white guy came running over to me:

"Have you got any ID? What are you, press?"

Well local press of a kind yes. Why?

"Where's your ID?"

Who are you?

"I'm security for the family"

Which family?

"We don't know who you are with your hood up"

Well it is raining...

"You haven't got any ID? Where's your ID?"

He seemed angry but confused. Four police officers began to approach and then he was gone. Were the police about to join the interrogation?  No it was my new friend that interested them.

What had he been saying to me, they asked? Who was he?

To be honest I was hoping they could tell me. Apparently he'd been hanging around all day. He seemed harmless they said, but I wasn't so sure. I decided to leave.

With the conviction of Dobson and Norris, the satellite trucks will move away to some other tragic location in some other part of London.

But two decades later, feelings about Stephen Lawrence's murder still run high.

And here on Well Hall Road, it will take many more years for us all to move on.

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