Monday, 16 January 2012

Boris Bikes in Kidbrooke Village? Not likely

Thanks to one kite-eyed reader for spotting this new attraction advertised by Berkeley Homes on the Kidbrooke Village hoardings:

That's right. Apparently we're all going to get "Boris Bikes" in the area once the village centre is built.

How terribly exciting:

Except of course we're not. 

The Mayor of London currently has no plans to extend the scheme any further into SE London and is instead pushing it further into his heartlands in the West.

Of course there's always the possibility that at some point we may get the cycle hire scheme here in Kidbrooke, but for now at least it's just another figment of Berkeley Homes' imagination.

The reality is that despite Kidbrooke Village being sold for it's transport links to central London, our infrastructure is actually pretty mediocre. 

Transport accessibility in Kidbrooke is currently ranked poor to moderate and even with the planned rebuild of the station, the extra 2900 homes in the area is really going to test it to the limit.

And as for those Boris Bikes? Well, don't hold your breath.

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