Thursday, 12 January 2012

Berkeley Homes' top imaginary local attractions

I understand that Kidbrooke Village developers Berkeley Homes are none too impressed with this website, nor I suspect with the prominence that Google gives us.

Perhaps with this in mind they have launched their own local publication: the Kidbrooke Village Post:

Inside, amidst gushing praise for the development from new residents and themselves, you can read about top local attractions, such as the world famous Greenwich Park:

Except that isn't Greenwich Park is it? As anyone who already lives in the area could tell them. 

Oh wait they've changed the picture in the latest edition. But where's this?

That doesn't look like anywhere in Greenwich Park to me either. Still, pictures of Greenwich Park must be pretty hard to track down. What about other local attractions? 

How about Blackheath? A popular green space, ideal for walking, relaxing and er, watching fireworks from an imaginary Berkeley-built townscape...

Or if you don't fancy Blackheath, why not give "Black Heath" a try wherever that might be:

Kidbrooke Village claims to be "For London." Unfortunately Berkeley Homes doesn't seem to have even the most basic knowledge of it.

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