Thursday, 15 December 2011

Welcome to Kidbrooke Village (10 months on)

Things haven't improved much here in Kidbrooke Village since the billboards were installed at the station 10 months ago.

In fact in many ways they've just got worse:

The demolition teams have come in, demolishing in the process a major gas pipe which left much of Kidbrooke cut off last month.

I was at the station that night and a woman came up to me, distraught about not being able to walk home because of the police corden across Kidbrooke Park Road.

She could have taken a short cut through the Ferrier Estate but didn't want to in the darkness. And who can blame her?

Even in the daytime, the place has an eery 28 Days Later feel to it, with only a few green billboards to remind you that civilisation is still here:

There are still people hanging on here legally and otherwise. And if you walk through the estate you will sometimes see their lights, hear their music or read their signs:

But the demolition crews are moving in. This Estate is Being Demolished. And all their marks will soon be gone.

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