Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Will the boundary review turn Eltham blue?

Eltham could be set to elect a Conservative MP at the next election after new election boundaries come into effect.

Changes announced today would add two strongly Conservative wards from Bexley borough to the Eltham constituency.

David Cameron had expected to win Eltham outright at the last election and selected a member of his "A list" to contest the seat.

However, David Gold lost by little over 2000 votes to long-serving Labour MP Clive Efford.

At the last local elections Conservative councillors in these wards piled up around 3000 votes each:

Old boundaries

New boundaries

Obviously the next election is a long way off, and lots will depend on the performance of the political parties nationally.

But if these boundary changes do come into effect then the election of a Conservative MP for Eltham (and therefore Kidbrooke) looks a very good bet indeed.

You can take part in the boundary review consultation over here.

-Update- Clive Efford is rather unimpressed.

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