Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kidbrooke's only Library "bloody awful" claims Greenwich Council

Kidbrooke's only library is a "bloody awful place" a leading Greenwich Councillor has claimed when asked about plans to demolish it.

Greenwich Council's cabinet member for culture John Fahy told

"Yes, but I mean, the library in the Ferrier was only open two days a week. It’s a bloody awful place in terms of the quality of the books we have in there so it’s not fit for purpose."

Fahy's comments are not only insensitive to those losing their local library but also factually wrong.

According to the Council's own website the library was open for not two but *six* days a week. 

And as a member of the library I can attest that although quite small it is not "bloody awful."

Admittedly the selection of books wasn't great but surely the council could have been improved that at any time by er, supplying them with better ones?

And however poor the library might have been, it was a hundred times better than having no library at all, which is exactly what Greenwich Council are now leaving us with.

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