Tuesday, 5 April 2011

£500,000 for school boiler that could last just 5 years

Greenwich Council is to spend over £500,000 on a new heating system for a school that will be demolished in as little as five years time.

Wingfield Primary School is currently heated by the Ferrier Estate's centralised boiler and heating system which will be shut down at the start of October.

Berkeley Homes had planned to shut it down as early as this Easter, but the council have not managed to provide a replacement by that time.

They have now agreed to defer the shutdown until October 1st which will allow the council to provide a new boiler for the school at a total cost of £528,199:

The replacement will be paid for out of the Council's maintenance budget and not by Berkeley Homes.

The huge cost of what is only a stop-gap solution will raise further criticism that the redevelopment of the Ferrier Estate has not been properly thought through.

Wingfield school is set for demolition in five to seven years time whereupon it will be moved to a new location near Sutcliffe Park.

The other school on The Ferrier Estate the Holy Family Primary School will stay at its current location.

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