Tuesday, 22 March 2011

"Moderate value" trees chopped down on the Ferrier Estate

It's not just buidings and communities that are coming down in the Ferrier Estate but long-established trees as well.

The above photo was taken yesterday afternoon on the edge of the soon to be demolished Pinto Way.

Here's an old satellite view of the trees from Google:

According to the Kidbrooke Village Masterplan these were "Category B trees" and "located on the future building footprint."

In other words they were "of moderate quality and value" and in the path of the oncoming bulldozer. So they've gone.

I stood on the stump of one of the felled trees in order to take the picture below:

I was shouted at by one of the workers as I took the picture and the fencing has since been moved to the other side of the stump.

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