Thursday, 3 March 2011

Greenwich Council lies about Kidbrooke library closure

Greenwich Council declared last night that all it's libraries would remain open, somehow forgetting to mention that they plan to demolish one here in Kidbrooke later this year.

In answer to a question on the council's austerity budget, Councillor John Fahy claimed that:

"There will be no cuts to the library service in Greenwich."

The leader of the council Chris Roberts went one step further claiming that:

"all our libraries will remain open."

Except far from remaining open, Kidbrooke's only library in Telemann Square will actually be closed for demolition later this year.

And rather than there be "no cuts to the library service" Greenwich Council admitted at a public meeting last month that the library will not be rebuilt in the future either.

Plans to close, demolish and then not replace the Ferrier Library have been allowed to go ahead without so much as a comment from the local press or protestors.

And with most people unaware of the library's imminent closure, Greenwich Council now seem willing to pretend that it isn't happening at all.

Which is a shame because when people do find out about planned cuts they can often make a difference to the council's plans.

After months of campaigning against the closure of the Maryon Wilson animal park, Chris Roberts told the council last night that:

"To those concerned with the animal park, the same is true but no changes are proposed this year. I understand its value to very many people but I would say to anyone who has concerns, we don't want to see the animal centre close next March and I don't actually believe that it will. But if it is loved as much as people tell us then we will want to work with those who are willing to see how we can help to keep it open with your greater involvement.
However, I would say this to anyone who does love the park and also retains a liking for this coalition and what it is doing to our public services: this is the time to step forward and prove that "The Big Society"... is a concept that actually has real meaning."

Which is all good political rhetoric, but if Kidbrooke residents aren't told the truth about what the council are planning to do to our library, then how can we be expected to step forward and help out?

-Update- This was tweeted by Greenwich Council three weeks ago:

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