Friday, 31 December 2010

Southeastern: the worst service for the highest price

Passengers on Southeastern trains will be hit by fare rises of up to 12% after a month in which around a third of all scheduled trains were either late or cancelled altogether.

Performance figures for mid-November to December show that 29 per cent of all Southeastern "Metro" services running through Kidbrooke were at least five minutes late or cancelled.

Southeastern's rises are reportedly the highest of any train operating company in the UK, and come after a month in which whole branch lines were closed, and customers were left stranded on freezing trains for hours on end.

The company claim that the fare rises are needed to pay for the so-called Javelin high speed service, a service that most Southeastern passengers receive little or no benefit from.

They also come as Transport for London impose their own massive fare rises, although at least with TfL passengers can see visible improvements being made to the service.

However, when it comes to Southeastern, we seem destined to continue paying the highest prices for the worst service.

-Update- Greg Barker MP is calling for an independent inspection of Southeastern's punctuality figures after they avoided paying compensation by a wafer-thin margin,

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