Monday, 22 November 2010

Greenwich Council: We have been "too tolerant" of Ferrier residents

Greenwich Council leader Chris Roberts said today that residents of the Ferrier Estate have a "stigma" attached to them and that the council has been "too tolerant" towards them through the eviction process.

As the council takes 31 of the remaining residents to court Roberts told the News Shopper:

"We’ve probably been too tolerant. People have turned down seven to ten offers. That slows the process down.”

Before adding that:

“There’s a stigma attached to the estate and the people that live there.”

Which is a pretty extraordinary statement for a politician to make about their constituents at the best of times let alone when they are being evicted from their homes.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

The News Shopper also carry a quote from the Tenants Services Authority in response to a complaint by residents which states that:

"We feel any uncertainties and distress for tenants that have arisen could have been mitigated by earlier and clearer action."

I've since contacted the TSA asking to have a look at the full ruling but apparently it is confidential. 

Hopefully the complainants can send me a copy at the usual address.

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