Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Ferrier Estate resident writes

I received the following email earlier this week. I hope they won't mind me quoting it in full:

Dear Adam

I have lived on the Ferrier since 1975 have always paid a full rent and not in rent arrears. When we were first told about the demolition of the estate we said we would to go in the new property's and they agreed. This year my wife has been undergoing chemotherapy and also had a replacement hip in august. One of the council employee's visited us about 4 weeks ago and told us that we would have to go in temporary accommodation which we agreed with. Me and my wife come back from the hospital today and have a letter from the council saying they are going to take us to court and evict us we have gone along with the council all the way and this is how they treat us.  We have not been offered or  turned any offers of over property down.

Tony [name changed]

It's a worrying tale and one which bears a striking similarity to those reported by the BBC last month.

According to the BBC a complaint was referred to the Tenant Services Authority which promised to make a judgement on Greenwich Council's behaviour by "the end of October."

Well the end of October has come and gone and I've jut got off the phone to the TSA.

A man with a rather sad sounding voice told me that the press team were out of the office "for the next two days at least" while they finalised restructuring the organisation.

Restructuring? Ah yes it seems that the TSA is to be thrown on the bonfire of the quangos by the government, with it's duties either being transferred or scrapped.

Unable to speak to the possibly defunct press team, I asked the sad-sounding man whether the investigation into Greenwich Council's treatment of Ferrier residents had been completed.

He said that he was pretty sure it hadn't and that even *if* it were to be finished in the future the results may not be made public.

It's not a terribly encouraging sign and suggests that criticisms of the organisation made by the Tories and the Murdoch press may have at least some justification.

But without the TSA in place, and with Greenwich Council ignoring them as well, what hope have the soon to be evicted Ferrier residents of getting their voices heard?

Are you a resident on the Estate? Would you like to speak out about your treatment by the Council? Please leave a comment or get in touch here.

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