Monday, 8 November 2010

The Ferrier Estate: official views

After having a bit of a dig at them recently, It's good to see The News Shopper covering the evictions currently taking place at the Ferrier Estate:

"Greenwich Council has been accused of “bullying tactics” after 29 households were threatened with court action if they do not vacate their homes.

The court orders were delivered last week to families in the Ferrier Estate’s Gallus Square area, giving them a Woolwich County Court date of November 16 and threatening to hit them with the council’s legal costs."

It's a balanced in-depth piece of journalism, expanding on the ground we've covered here, and is exactly the kind of thing a local paper should be doing.

Greenwich Council's propaganda rag on the other hand has no such intentions, judging by their front page tomorrow:

According to Greenwich Time, the new homes built beside Sutcliffe Park "means Greenwich is playing a key role in helping to reduce the chronic shortage of family homes in this country."

Although for some reason the council's "key role" in turfing out another 29 families from their family homes doesn't warrant a single mention.

It's also unclear to me why the new homes are suddenly front page news when people moved into them some time ago.

It couldn't just be to counter the growing bad press about the evictions could it?

All of which makes me think that the paper's imminent demise cannot come soon enough.

I've written more on the many problems facing the Ferrier development over at my other blog.

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