Saturday, 27 November 2010

Andy Murray vs Raphael Nadal - Where's the legacy?

Those of you lucky enough to head down to the O2 today will get to see a World class British sportsman playing in the finals of a major international tournament held in our very own borough.

What an opportunity for Greenwich! Surely the council have secured a major Olympic-style legacy from these games?

Well if they have then there's not much sign of it here in Kidbrooke Green:

Fancy a game?

Perhaps not eh? 

The tennis courts on Kidbrooke Green have been left to rot for years now and no amount of World class tennis tournaments taking place down the road seem to have any affect.

The Council did draft a plan two years ago to have the courts either re-laid or "developed for alternative visitor and community facilities."

But two years have passed and the only sign the council are even aware the courts still exist is this brief message from the council dogwatchers.

No dogs allowed. And no tennis allowed either.

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