Thursday, 14 October 2010

What will happen to the Ferrier Library?

Plans across SE London to shut down libraries and cut their services have caused campaign groups to be formed and protests to be held.

However here in Kidbrooke our local library is set to close without so much as a whisper.

The Ferrier Library will be demolished as part of the Kidbrooke regeneration and so far no announcement has been made about a replacement.

So while plans for a new station, supermarket and health centre have been confirmed, the library remains totally in limbo.

I went down to talk to the staff there and they told me that while they're optimistic that a replacement library will be built, "nothing is set in stone."

Hoping for some clarity I contacted Greenwich Council to ask what their plans were and I was told simply that: "no decisions have been taken in respect of the Ferrier Library."

Pushing them further, as to when those decisions would be made, I was told that there was "no specific decision timetable as yet."

So will Kidbrooke lose it's only library at the same time as thousands more families move into the area?

Unfortunately Greenwich Council aren't willing to say.

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