Friday, 22 October 2010

Kidbrooke's lost brooks: The Middle Kid Brook

After finding what I believe may be the only visible part of the lost Lower Kid Brook I went down to the Ferrier Library to see if I could find any information about the other two branches:

And amidst the local history books I found a short passage locating the Middle Kid Brook as still running openly through Thomas Tallis school.

I wasn't aware of this so went down to take a look. And here it is running East to West from Kidbrooke Park Road:

The construction work you can see in the background is part of the now-aborted Building Schools for the Future Programme.

Several other schools in the area were due to be rebuilt but a combination of council dithering and Government austerity now means that most won't.

However as you can see the new building lies very close to the brook which apparently leaves it at significant risk of a (once in a 100 years flood).

In order to counter this the developers will have to build a "flood storage area" whatever that is.

It all seems a bit over-cautious for what appears to be little more than a soggy ditch right but I guess freak events do happen

Still I'm glad to see that the Middle Kid Brook is being maintained and will still run openly through at least some of the area.

In the coming weeks I'll be trying to track down the other lost remains of the Kid Brooks. All help still gratefully received.

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