Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Is this the source of Kidbrooke's lost brook?

Following on from Diamond Geezer's fascinating lost rivers of London series I'm setting out to trace the sources and routes of Kidbrooke's own three lost waterways: the Lower, Middle and Upper Kid Brooks.

These tributaries to the River Quaggy were largely buried underground when Kidbrooke was developed in the 1930s and their precise locations are no longer noted on modern maps.

However, at the eastern end of Broad Walk, just by Greenwich Cemetery lies a short stretch of running water beside a willow tree.

I can find no direct reference to this at anywhere. However this blog claims that the Lower Kid Brook "rises in the area near the junction of Shooters Hill and Well Hall Road" which would put it round about here.

It also lies just south of the Brook Hospital site which puts it in line with this old Ordnance Survey map I bought in Greenwich recently:

However another entry on Edith's Streets claims that it "rises at the Back of [the] police station and flows towards Broad Walk" which would put it slightly to the north of here.

So is this the source of one of Kidbrooke's two lost waterways or just an unrelated piece of drainage? 

And if not so do the Brooks survive anywhere else in Kidbrooke still?

In the coming weeks I'll be continuing my search for the lost Kid Brooks. All help as ever, gratefully received!

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