Wednesday, 29 September 2010

News Shopper calls Kidbrooke a "crime hotspot"

The main reason I started this website was because of the depressingly sparse coverage of Kidbrooke locally.

However we do at least get some, like this charming nugget in the local News Shopper

During the course of what is supposedly a review of the Hare and Billet pub, we are treated to the author's views on "working class scum", "grimy tracksuit bottomed chavs" and the "crime hotspot" of Kidbrooke:

"Like the surrounding area, this pub is very much in the eye of the storm, a respectable oasis with crime hotspots Lewisham and Kidbrooke just around the corner."

Crime hotspot? Really?

Now I know the News Shopper is blood-obsessed...

But if they actually looked at the crime statistics rather than their own prejudices they'd see that Kidbrooke is either at or below the borough average in most respects:

In fact it's even lower than the London-wide average for burglary, drugs offences, robbery, theft, and violence against the person.

Some hotspot!

Of course there was a time when the neighbouring Ferrier Estate was badly crime ridden, but even that seems to have quietened down since redevelopment began.

So Kidbrooke may not be perfect but it's very far from being a "crime hotspot" either.

Perhaps the News Shopper could venture out of their "respectable oasis" from time to time and come see for themselves.

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