Wednesday, 29 September 2010

News Shopper calls Kidbrooke a "crime hotspot"

The main reason I started this website was because of the depressingly sparse coverage of Kidbrooke locally.

However we do at least get some, like this charming nugget in the local News Shopper

During the course of what is supposedly a review of the Hare and Billet pub, we are treated to the author's views on "working class scum", "grimy tracksuit bottomed chavs" and the "crime hotspot" of Kidbrooke:

"Like the surrounding area, this pub is very much in the eye of the storm, a respectable oasis with crime hotspots Lewisham and Kidbrooke just around the corner."

Crime hotspot? Really?

Now I know the News Shopper is blood-obsessed...

But if they actually looked at the crime statistics rather than their own prejudices they'd see that Kidbrooke is either at or below the borough average in most respects:

In fact it's even lower than the London-wide average for burglary, drugs offences, robbery, theft, and violence against the person.

Some hotspot!

Of course there was a time when the neighbouring Ferrier Estate was badly crime ridden, but even that seems to have quietened down since redevelopment began.

So Kidbrooke may not be perfect but it's very far from being a "crime hotspot" either.

Perhaps the News Shopper could venture out of their "respectable oasis" from time to time and come see for themselves.

The Copper Kettle Café - Rochester Way

I took my first visit to the Copper Kettle Café on the Kidbrooke Parade yesterday and I wasn't disappointed.

Run by a Turkish family, the place is usually busy with friendly staff who seem to be on first name terms with many of the customers.

For my first time I ordered a bacon sandwich and coffee figuring these would be good benchmarks to judge the place on.

The coffee was smooth and tasty and the bacon sandwich was made from thick slices of white bread and crispy bacon.

It was also very reasonable costing just £2.10 for both.

Other items on the menu included a turkish sausage panini which I may be tempted next time and the truly terrifying mega burger, which I won't!

These monsters were a hot topic in the café when I visited yesterday.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a prize for finishing one, although arguably the resultant rise in social status would be worth it alone.

So what do you think? Have you visited the Copper Kettle? Is there anywhere else in Kidbrooke I should try?

All pictures are from the Copper Café Facebook group which you can access via their free Wifi.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Olympic Legacy comes to Kidbrooke Green

I have to admit I'm one of those who question just what if any Olympic sporting legacy we'll see in Greenwich borough once Locog roll out of town.

But it seems that here in Kidbrooke Green we may be getting at least one crumb falling from the Olympic cake.

A few days ago Greenwich Council workers erected fencing in a corner of the green and started digging.

Typically for Greenwich council, no signs were put up and locals weren't told what was happening.

Nor can I find any mention of the development on the council website.

So this morning I went over and had a chat with the workers there:

And it turns out they're constructing an "outdoor gym" in preparation for the Olympics, much like the ones already constructed in Charlton and Sutcliffe Parks.

I've since spoken to the company behind it and they've told me that unlike the "Adizone" at Charlton Park, this one thankfully won't be smothered in Adidas sponsorship.

They also said that Greenwich Council will be erecting even more of these gyms right across the borough in the run up to 2012.

Now I'm unsure about these outdoor gyms. The one in Charlton Park does seem popular but I still think that childrens' playgrounds would be better used.

I'm also not sure whether the 'legacy' will be cancelled out by the current plans to build on other green spaces across the borough (more of which another time).

But all these gripes aside, the gym could be a welcome addition to what is at the moment a rather underused and ill-defined space.

So what do you think? Do you welcome the spread of these outdoor gyms?

-Update- More from the e-shootershill site

Monday, 27 September 2010

Dogwatch on Kidbrooke Green

I've spotted what I can only guess is some kind of dogwatch van loitering by Kidbrooke Green recently, although the driver couldn't actually see any dogs from behind that hedge.

On the side are three sets of warning signs to dog owners: one against walking packs of dogs, one against leaving dog mess, and one against letting dogs off their lead.

So does anyone know what these vans are for?

-Update- Thanks to @vbloke in the comments for a close up of the three dog signs. I wonder why dogs suddenly become a problem when there's more than four of them.

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